CK Mondavi Ambassadors

Amber McCain

Amber Nicole Blog

Amber McCain is a mother of three, a Military wife and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire whose blog is all about sharing life adventures while drinking too much coffee–and some CK Mondavi wine as well! We love her honest posts about life as a military wife and we are honored to have her as a CK Mondavi brand ambassador.

Krystal Chiarolla

Brought to You by Mom

Krystal is all about finding balance, keeping it simple and sharing what works. She and her husband recently began homesteading and we love seeing where her new journey takes her. Especially when she enjoys a glass of CK Mondavi at the end of the day!

Nichole Crews

Casa de Crews

Nichole is a wife, food blogger and event planner who shares healthy everyday eats and creative at-home entertaining ideas. Her gorgeous photography, recipes and wine pairing ideas are a favorite amongst the CK Mondavi team and we just love spending time at Casa de Crews!

Betsy Cohen

Desserts Required

Betsy’s motto is that without desserts, life wouldn’t be as sweet. We couldn’t agree more! Betsy’s dessert recipes and wine pairings inspire all of us here at CK Mondavi. After all, life really is more sweet with dessert and a glass of CK Mondavi wine.

Tracy Guida

Eat Drink & Be Tracy

Cooking, music, travel, art, and wine are Tracy’s passions and we love seeing where those passions take her. Whether it’s checking out a new restaurant, creating a new recipe, or crafting the perfect CK Mondavi pairing, her posts make us all want to be Tracy.

Christina Thomas

Go Epicurista

We first got to know Christina over Flamenco dancing and paella and we know from first-hand experience that she is A LOT of fun. Christina is a food and travel enthusiast whose mission is to #MakeSomedayHappen one delicious bite, sip and trip at a time. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of your mission Christina!

Shelby Law Ruttan

Grumpy’s Honeybunch

Shelby and Janice Mondavi became BFF’s when they met at the Sunday Supper Food & Wine Conference last year. Their love of motherhood, food and entertaining kept them talking for hours. Her recipes, wine pairings and gorgeous food photography inspire us and we are thrilled to have Shelby as a CK Mondavi ambassador.

Tracy Shaw

Having Fun Saving & Cooking

We fell in love with Tracy the first time she came to visit CK Mondavi in Napa. A mother of two, Tracy truly shows how to have fun and be stylish—all while saving money. It’s no wonder that CK Mondavi is a favorite of hers and we look forward to seeing what she’ll create next.

Jana Seitzer

Merlot Mommy

Jana and her blog name say it all. Not only is she an ultimate wine lover, but Jana always has great tips on travel, lifestyle, tech, and food. Her site is a go to for us for any type of cocktail or the perfect wine pairing recipe. It’s no wonder that we can’t give enough of her blog!

Kendra Darr

Simply Darrling

Kendra is always up for an adventure and her recipes, photos and blog posts are an inspiration. We can’t wait to see what wine cocktail or food pairing she’ll come up with next. We think Kendra is SUPER darling and we are thrilled to have her as a CK Mondavi ambassador.

Sarah Bates

The Chef Next Door

Sarah is the chef you want living next door to you. All of us here at CK Mondavi love to see what she’ll come up with next and all of her recipes are absolutely delicious. If you want inspiration for your next dish, visit her site and you won’t be disappointed—especially if you love sweets.

Mindy Marzec

This Fairy Tale Life

Mindy was one of the first bloggers CK Mondavi ever worked with and we just adore her. With a love for Disneyland, weddings, wine, TV, and yoga, we share a number of passions with her. We can’t wait to see what wine pairing or wine cocktail recipe she’ll come up with next and we hope you visit her fairy tale life.

Lara Clevenger

Lara Clevenger Blog

As a fulltime Registered and Licensed Dietician, Lara keeps us all healthy over here at CK Mondavi. Her blog shares healthy recipes, workouts and the inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle. And, we love that she shows us all how to incorporate CK Mondavi wine into a healthy lifestyle. After all, life is about food, fitness, fun and wine!

Tammy Litke

Three Different Directions

With four daughters, Janice and Marc Mondavi can more than relate to Tammy’s blog about constantly going in multiple directions. A lover of food, movies, travel and wine, Tammy always has something new to share with us—and usually with a lot of humor. We love having her as an ambassador.

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