Wendy Moore, Moore Vineyards – Lodi, CA

Grows: CK Mondavi Chardonnay, CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, CK Mondavi Merlot, CK Mondavi Zinfandel

The Moore family has been growing grapes for CK Mondavi for more than 60 years. Wendy Moore’s great grandfather purchased the land in the late 1800s and her family began growing grapes on the property in the early 1900s. Wendy’s father worked closely with Peter Mondavi Sr. and the two would walk the vineyards, discussing grape prices, sharing lunch under a shady tree, and then shaking hands to seal the deal. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the two actually had a written contract. Today, Wendy and her mother run the 200-acre ranch and consider themselves custodians of this precious land. She enjoys working with John Moynier and Marc Mondavi “to grow the best possible grapes” and she proudly continues the legacy that her great grandfather started more than 125 years ago.

Photo: Wendy Moore
Photo Credit: Bob McClenahan